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Survive the Mafia is a Unity3D FPS. In the game you are wanted by the mafia. You must survive the longest, and kill the most people. PLEASE NOTE: This game is not finished. it is currently in v1.1(BETA). To request new features, please add them in the discussion board.

v1.1 patch is out!

Hello, I've noticed a few bugs that got past the initial testing. I've fixed bugs like the game being slow motion after respawn, and erratic movement after a grenade explodes.

Upcoming features!

Hello, if you are still interested in Survive The Mafia, then you'll be happy that v1.2 is in development! Here's the changelog:

  • Optimized graphics performance
  • Added Knife
  • Player now starts with knife
  • Player can now pick up an enemy's weapon
  • Fixed graphical bug when changing quality settings
  • Added 3D sound
  • Bullets now push Enemies back


  • W,A,S,D to move
  • Click to fire
  • LeftShift to Sprint
  • Esc to Pause
  • C to access cheat codes


  • healthup - sets the player's health to 99999
  • ammoup - sets the player's ammo to 99999 99999/99999
  • allup - does healthup and ammoup
  • debugmode on/off - turns debug info on or off

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