A downloadable game for Windows

ProjectIRL is an open-world game that is currently in Pre-Alpha(v0.1.5). If you are interested in testing this game, please contact me at epicalert68@gmail.com, and put "ProjectIRL testing" in the subject.

Known Issues

These are known issues with the game. Please don't notify me about the following:

  • Police don't spawn.
  • Pedestrians may stop and move in circles
  • There is no pause menu
  • Benchmark may not be up to date or the same as normal game
  • Version numbers in loading screens may be incorrect
  • News goes fullscreen 60 seconds after
  • Headbob animations may play when they shouldn't
  • Peds may not sit down in chairs

Please know this game is still in a very early stage of development.

System Requirements

System requirements for most recent version (v0.1.5)

  • at least 1GB RAM free
  • 1GB disk space

The game is currently only for Windows. Mac and Linux support will be added when the game becomes an open beta or sooner.

DISCLAIMER: Epicalert Technologies(ETech Studios) does not condone or endorse any actions depicted in-game. I am not responsible for any mental or physical damage that may be caused. This software is for entertainment purposes only.

© Copyright 2016 ETech Studios, All Rights Reserved
Published Sep 10, 2016
StatusIn development
TagsFirst-Person, Open World
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, XBox 360 controllers


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